Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certification Training


“Edutech Skills” Salesforce Marketing Cloud course is planned and led by the business’ driving specialists. By selecting this online educator drove preparing program, you can dominate the Marketing Cloud devices and run custom email and social missions all alone. The critical goal of this Salesforce Marketing Cloud confirmation course is to make you a proficient Marketing Cloud master, regardless of whether you have never worked in a promoting robotization stage before. Subsequent to finishing the course and getting guaranteed, you will actually want to function as a Digital Marketer or Automation Specialist.

What will you learn in this Salesforce Marketing Cloud training online?

This Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification and training will enable you to create and manage marketing activities, campaigns, and relationships with end customers. You will learn the following in this training program:

  • Marketing Cloud: Overview
  • Marketing Cloud: Configuration and access
  • Setting up FTP locations, data extensions, lists and groups, profile management, publication lists, and more
  • Email and Social Studio
  • Configuration of trigger send, content generator, Mobile Studio, Automation Studio, and more
  • Journey Builder
  • Marketing Cloud Connect, etc.

Who should take up this Salesforce Marketing Cloud course?

There are many benefits associated with mastering Marketing Cloud. Professionals from any domain can opt for our Salesforce Marketing Cloud training program. In general, individuals working in the following profiles should enroll in this training:

  • IT Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Architects, etc.

What are the prerequisites for taking up this online Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification course?

At Edutech Skills, we do not mandate any prerequisites for this Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification training course. Everyone can register for this program.

Why should you go for online Salesforce Marketing Cloud training?

You should join the Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification course online because:

  • The average annual salary of Marketing Cloud Professionals ranges from US$45,649 for Automation Experts to US$60,649 for Digital Marketers – Indeed

Many global companies, such as Spotify, Toyota, Amazon Web Services, US Bank, etc., use this tool to get information about their customers and conduct marketing campaigns. They are in a dire need of certified professionals to help them develop marketing strategies. Therefore, by enrolling in Edutech Skills Salesforce Marketing Cloud training program, you will gain a 360-degree understanding of this platform and eventually get a lucrative job.

Introduction to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Marketing Cloud Overview
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Google trend report, etc.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud demo with live projects
  • Navigation, options and tool shortcuts
  • Architecture, SOA, client-server/cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Configuration and Access

  • Supported systems, Windows, Linux, Mac, and databases
  • Virtual Box, Platform limitations, and Tools integration
  • Setup sender authentication package (SAP)
  • Configure Sender Profiles/send classifications
  • Setup FTP Locations
  • Setup Data Extensions
  • Setup Lists & Groups
  • Setup Profile Management
  • Setup Publication Lists
  • Setup Suppression Lists & Rules
  • Setup Data Filters

Email Studio

  • Email Studio overview and features
  • Administration
  • Create test email templates & content
  • Create test send prospects & lists
  • Subscriber, list, subscriber lists
  • Exclusion, Publication, and Suppression lists
  • Data Extensions
  • Classic content
  • Custom Unsubscribe Page
  • Social pages & smart forms
  • Sends types, Send logs
  • Run trial email send – Perform A/B testing
  • Tracking and how to track, etc.

Social Studio

  • Setting up Workspaces
  • Setting up Topic Profiles
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Creating Workbenches
  • Setting up Publishing Calendar
  • Setting up Engagement Process

Trigger Send Configuration

  • What is trigger send?
  • Use cases and examples
  • Contact builder, data extension?
  • Contacts, data source, import
  • Overview of Data Designer
  • Population, attributes and attribute groups
  • Cancel contact
  • Best practices, etc.

Content Generator Configuration

  • What is Content Builder?
  • E-mail, template, content block, code snippet
  • Content Generator best practices

Mobile Studio Configuration and Audience Builder

  • Mobile Studio overview
  • Mobile connection, administration
  • Import and manage contacts
  • Message, mobile push, notifications
  • Analytics builder, report, standard reports, discover
  • AMPScript Demo
  • Mobile Studio
  • Web Studio (CloudPages)
  • SmartPages
  • Analytics Studio
  • Mobile and web analytics
  • Einstein engagement score
  • Audience Builder overview and configuration

Automation Studio and its configuration

  • Automation Studio overview
  • Create and schedule automation, studio events automation
  • SQL query activity, SQL query use-case
  • Data view and its use
  • Send email campaigns
  • Import file activity, file transfer activity, script activity, filter activity, data extraction activity, wait activity, etc.
  • Cloud and landing pages
  • Microsite and Smart Capture Form

Journey Builder – Overview and Configuration

  • Journey Creation, template, and entry source
  • Data extension
  • Target audience
  • Salesforce data events
  • Journey canvas
  • Wait activity, send email activity, join activity
  • Decision split, engagement split, random split
  • Encourage activities
  • Einstein split
  • Contact activity, sales and service cloud activity
  • Overview and examples
  • Journey settings, and report
  • Administration
  • Live scenes and errors
  • Journey Builder Best practices

Marketing Cloud Connect

  • Connectors and its usage
  • Installation, use cases
  • Email send
  • Integration of Journey Builder
  • Trigger send
  • Real-time scenarios
  • Troubleshooting, API logs, Salesforce logs
  • Set up a marketing calendar
  • Marketing Cloud connect best practices