RPA Training Certification Course“ Robotic Process Automation Training for UiPath


Edutech Skills offers the business planned Robotic Process Automation preparing with UiPath to assist you with being a confirmed RPA proficient. As a feature of the RPA certificate preparing, you will find out about the vital ideas of RPA, the UiPath instrument for Windows arrangement, the making of RPA bots, the modern uses of RPA and the vital rules for executing RPA, alongside active undertakings and contextual investigations.


What will you learn in this Robotic Process Automation (RPA) certification training?

  • Introduction to Robotic Process Automation
  • Design considerations for RPA solution
  • Capturing and interpreting existing application
  • Advantages of Robotic Process Automation
  • Windows Desktop RPA software UiPath
  • Automation of back office repetitive processes
  • Using variables and arguments for data manipulation
  • Text and image Automation with RPA
  • Workflow automation, debugging and exception handling

Who should take up this RPA certification training online with UiPath?

Software Engineers, Software Testing and IT Professionals can take this online RPA training. If you want to make the best of the boom in RPA market, then this online training is for you.

What are the prerequisites for taking up this Robotic Process Automation training?

There are no prerequisites for taking this online Robotic Process Automation training. If you have a basic understanding of software coding and programming logic, then it is beneficial.

Why should you go for RPA with UiPath certification training?

  • Robotic Process Automation market will reach $2.9 billion by 2021 – Forrester Research
  • 96% of customers are getting real value from Robotic Process Automation – Gartner Report
  • An RPA Technical Automation Architect can earn an average salary of $116,872 – Indeed

Robotic Process Automation is being heralded as one of the booming industries in today’s digitally-driven economy. Every industry including banking, finance and information technology can immensely benefit from the RPA industry. Edutech Skills is offering the comprehensive online RPA training and RPA certification that is highly valued by the industry. Now is the right time to master this powerful RPA with UiPath and get ahead in your career in the best MNCs around.

Module 1 – Introduction to RPA

1.1 The important methods of Robotic Process Automation
1.2 The architecture pattern of RPA
1.3 Developing the RPA process
1.4 The various tools used in RPA
1.5 The different types of bots
1.6 Selection criteria
1.7 The lifecycle of RPA
1.8 Handling data solution pattern

Module 2 – UiPath tool for RPA

2.1 Introduction to UiPath tool for Robotic Process Automation
2.2 Understanding the workflow activities and workflow files in UiPath
2.3 The different user interface of UiPath
2.4 Automation activity package
2.5 The various projects in UiPath

Module 3 – Important components of UiPath

3.1 Introduction to UiPath Studio
3.2 UiPath Robot
3.3 UiPath Orchestrator
3.4 Working with variables
3.5 Managing control flow
3.6 Excel automation
3.7 Desktop, Web & GUI automation with UiPath

Module 4 – User Interface automation

4.1 The process to automate the user interface with UiPath
4.2 Automated tasks configuration
4.3 Various variables
4.4 Output viewing
4.5 Arguments
4.6 Importing the packages

Module 5 – Recording with UiPath

5.1 Detailed learning of the recording
5.2 Scraping methods
5.3 User events
5.4 Recording of sequence of events fit for automation
5.5 Extracting data from browser

Module 6 – Programming Activities Using Data Table

6.1 Understand programming activities using Data Table
6.2 Learn Data Table Structure
6.3 Comprehend Searching Method
6.4 Data Table Activities
6.5 Create an environment and associate the workflow
6.6 Understand Creation of Collection
6.7 Know about Sequence and Flowchart
6.8 Assimilate Send Get and Read Email Message

Module 7 – Workflow & Citrix manipulation

.7.1 Introduction to invoking a workflow in UiPath
7.2 Manipulating data using UiPath
7.3 Citrix automation for accessing virtual applications
7.4 Virtual environment automation
7.5 PDF automation
7.6 Advanced Citrix automation.

Module 8 – UiPath coding & debugging

.8.1 Introduction to programming in UiPath
8.2 The various projects related to organization
8.3 Debugging and handling of exceptions
8.4 Detailed understanding of programming activity
8.5 Handling of errors

Module 9 – Screen scraping with UiPath

9.1 Importance of screen scraping with UiPath
9.2 Various aspects of screen scraping like taking screenshot, activating, highlighting & selecting item, getting text, setting clip region, loading image and more

Module 10 – Automate and Orchestrate the Task

10.1 Learn to automate the process of Reading Email Message
10.2 Downloading Email Attachment
10.3 Sequence and Flow Chart
10.4 Reusable Component of Email

Module 11 – Create a Scalable Queue Management System

11.1 Understand what Queue is
11.2 Learn about Queue Management System
11.3 Comprehend Data Scraping
11.4 Know about Insert in Queue

Module 12 – RE Framework

12.1 Working with RE-Framework
12.2 Introduction to REFramework
12.3 Using State Machine Layout
12.4 Different States of the State Machine
12.5 Workflows of the Framework
12.6 Global variables and default variables of main workflow