PEGA CPDC Training


“Edutech Skills” PEGA CPDC Training will give you the information on planning and building up the answers for Pega Customer Decision Hub, choice structure systems, and so forth by live specialists. Gaining from the Edutech Skills, PEGA CPDC Training Course will make you an expert in the subject that chiefly incorporates creating Pega Decisioning-based applications, systems, plans, next-best-activity methodologies, and some more. Our Pega Decisioning Certification Training module will give you an approach to get ensured in the PEGA CPDC preparing. Thus, hold hands with Edutech Skills for acknowledging new demands and to make the best arrangements through the best Pega CPDC Training in Hyderabad. In the Pega CPDC Training in India, you will gain proficiency with the nuts and bolts, choice systems, plan instruments, and different necessities of Pega Decision Consultant that will make you a specialist in the PEGA CPDC to manage genuine undertakings.

Who can take the PEGA CPDC Training?

This PEGA CPDC training program is meant for Business Analysts, System Engineers/Architects, or PEGA learning enthusiasts, etc.

What are the prerequisites for the PEGA CPDC Online Course?

If you have basic knowledge of enterprise architecture, case life cycle, business processes, policies, etc. Then, it will be easier for you to learn the PEGA CPDC course. Our expert trainer will guide you in learning this certification program.

Why should you learn the PEGA CPDC Online Training?

The PEGA CPDC Online Course from Edutech Skills will help to get practical knowledge of Pega related concepts and their features easily. You will also get an idea of the latest technical aspects of decision strategies, business processes, and policies, etc. within this training.

What do you learn in the PEGA CPDC Training?

The PEGA CPDC Online Training will help you to get real-time industry experience from the best PEGA Certified trainer with live training. Moreover, you can also earn good skills related to Pega.

What are the benefits of the PEGA CPDC Training?

After getting certified in the PEGA CPDC Training, you can expect a better position with the best package in this area of expertise.

Introduction PEGA Decisioning, NBA & Prediction Studio.a

  • Overview of NBA – Next Best Action
  • Real-Life NBA Usage
  • Decisioning Studios – CDH & Prediction Studio

Application Architecture

  • PEGA’s DMSample Application
  • Creating our new Decisioning Application
  • NBA Class Structures & Data Types.
  • Walkthrough of ADM Service Infrastructure
  • Configuring the DDS Node in the Cluster

Proposition Management

  • Overview of Proposition Management
  • Adding a new Business Issue
  • Adding a new Business Group.
  • Adding a new Property.
  • Uploading Propositions from CSV.

Proposition Data & Decision Data

  • Versioned Proposition Data
  • Unversioned Proposition Data
  • Getting started with Decision Data
  • Copy Proposition Groups.

Working with Data Sets

  • About Data Sets
  • Types of Data Sets
  • Copy Proposition Groups.

Configuring the Data Flows

  • About Data Flows
  • Types of Data Flows – Internal & External
  • Configuring the Incoming Data
  • Applying Data Flow Actions – Compose, Convert, Merge
  • Applying Data Flow Actions – Strategy, Data Transforms,
  • Filters & Abstracts
  • External Data Flows

Using the Event Strategy

  • About Event Strategy
  • Differences between Strategy & Event Strategy
  • Event Strategy Actions – Filter, Lookup, Split
  • Event Strategy Actions – Split & Join, Window, Aggregate

Using the Strategy

  • About Strategy
  • Strategy Shapes – Sub Strategy, Prediction, Import
  • Strategy Shapes – Business Rules, Decision Analytics
  • Strategy Shapes – Enrichment, Arbitration
  • Strategy Shapes – Selection, Aggregation

Modeling Decisions – Adaptive Models

  • About Adaptive Models
  • Adaptive Models – Predictors
  • Adaptive Models – Context
  • Adaptive Models – Outcomes
  • Adaptive Models – Monitoring
  • Interaction History & Table
  • Customer Responses
  • Configuring Self-Learning Models

Modeling Decisions – Predictive Models

  • About Predictive Model
  • PMML Schema and Modelling
  • Predictive Models – Monitor
  • Predictive Models – Model
  • Predictive Models – Input Mapping
  • Predictive Models – Parameters

Modeling Decisions – Text Analytics

  • About Text Analyser
  • Text Analytics & Extraction
  • Analyzing a Text File

Using the Prediction Studio

  • Analyzing Adaptive Model Performance
  • Analyzing Predictive Model Performance
  • Analyzing Text Extraction Performance
  • Propensity Score Calculation.

Treatments and Actions

  • Defining and Managing Customer Actions
  • About Treatments & Types
  • Presenting Offers via Treatments.
  • Outbound & Multi-Level Campaigns

Engagement & Contact Policy

  • Creating an Engagement Strategy
  • Creating a Contact Policy
  • Understanding Volume Constraints
  • Understanding Proposition Eligibility Rules
  • Simulations & Segmentations


  • Types of Artifacts and Containers
  • Using the Real-time Container
  • Action Arbitration and Intelligence