Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification Training


What will you learn in Edutech Skills Dynamics 365 Sales certification course?


In Edutech Skills Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification program, we will make you proficient in the following modules:

  • Sales
  • Working with various opportunities
  • Quotes to order
  • Sales Insights
  • Power BI
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Who is this MS Dynamics 365 training for?

This Microsoft Dynamics 365 course online is designed for the professionals listed below:

  • Sales Representatives
  • Sales Managers
  • Clients who are enthusiastic to learn about the sales domain of Dynamics 365

What are the prerequisites for this Dynamics 365 online training?

To enroll in our Dynamics 365 classes, you must have prior knowledge of the working of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Why enroll in our Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales training?

Following are the reasons why you should register for this Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales certification training:

  • There are over 160 jobs available for Dynamics 365 professionals in the United States – Indeed
  • Dynamics 365 Consultants earn US$77,400/year on average – Glassdoor
  • Top organizations, including Accenture, Wipro, Capgemini, etc., are hiring Dynamics 365 experts – LinkedIn

Module 1 – Sales

1.1 Importance of Dynamic 365 Sales
1.2 Configuring Sales
1.3 Installation and configuration of the Sales application
1.4 Finding common scenarios for sales

Module 2 – Working with Opportunities

2.1 Customer management
2.2 Working with opportunities
2.3 Embedded intelligence
2.4 Playbooks
2.5 Using integrated tools for sales
2.6 Generating customer records

Module 3 – Quotes to Orders

3.1 Order processing
3.2 Management of the product catalog
3.3 Building and managing quotes
3.4 Building and managing invoices and orders
3.5 Developing and using the product catalog
3.6 Adding quotes
3.7 Completing a sale using an order

Module 4 – Sales Insights

4.1 Use of Power BI
4.2 Using AI for Sales
4.3 Building up goals
4.4 Integration with Power BI
4.5 Enabling the functionality of Sales AI