ETL Certification Course


This ETL Testing preparing from Edutech Skills can be taken up by anyone from amateurs to specialists. This ETL Developer preparing follows a bit by bit schedule that incorporates testing presentation, distinction among OLAP and OLTP, learning Data Warehousing ideas, work process, RDBMS, contrast between data set testing and information distribution center testing, checking information utilizing SQL, and the chances in Business Intelligence.


What will you learn in this ETL course?

  1. Data Warehousing and how Business Intelligence works
  2. ETL basics, the testing process, best practices, and standards
  3. ETL data validation
  4. Working with RDBMS
  5. Constraint testing, error handling, and dependency testing
  6. Comparing ETL database testing with data warehouse testing
  7. Deploying SQL for implementing data checks
  8. Preparing for the ETL certification

Who should take up this online ETL Testing training?

  • ETL and SQL Developers, Software Engineers, and Analysts
  • BI, Mainframe, and Database Project Managers

What are the prerequisites for taking up this ETL certification?

Anybody can get trained in this one of the best ETL Architecture training courses as there are no prerequisites to learn this technology. Some basic knowledge of SQL concepts can be helpful.

Why should you take up our ETL Testing training?

  • Most companies estimate that they are analyzing a mere 12% of the data they have – Forrester Research
  • The global Big Data Analytics market to reach US$40.6 billion in 4 years -ResearchandMarkets
  • An ETL Developer in the United States can earn US$100,000 – Indeed

Today’s businesses have to work with data in multiple formats extracted from diverse sources. All this makes ETL Testing all the more important. The extracting, transforming, and loading of data has to be verified, and any anomalies found have to be fixed. Thus, there is a need for testers in ETL and Data Warehousing domains. These ETL classes can help you learn ETL Testing and equip you with skills and confidence to take on top jobs in some of the biggest companies in the world.

ETL Testing Overview

Introduction to ETL testing, life cycle of ETL Testing, database concepts, ETL in Business Intelligence, understanding the difference between OLTP and OLAP, data warehousing.

Hands-on Exercise – Create OLTP and OLAP database

Database Testing and Data Warehousing Testing

Introduction to RDBMS, Relational database concepts, distinction between database and data warehousing testing, integrity constraints.

Hands-on Exercise – how to test data warehousing testing, integrity constraints

ETL Testing Scenarios

The data warehouse workflow, ETL Testing scenarios, ETL Mapping, Data Warehouse Testing, Data Mismatch & Data Loss Testing.

Hands-on Exercise – Create a data warehouse workflow, Create ETL Mapping

Correctness, Completeness, Quality, Data Validation

Introduction to various testing scenarios, structure validation, constraint validation, data correctness, completeness, quality, data validation, negative testing.

Hands-on Exercise – Create tests as per testing scenarios, Validate structure of the software, Do constraint validation, Check data correctness and completeness, Validate data, Perform negative testing

Data Checks with SQL

Using SQL for checking data, understanding database structure, working with SQL Scripts

Hands-on Exercise – Write SQL Scripts for checking data

Reports & Cube testing

Reports and Cube Testing, scope of Business Intelligence Testing.

Hands-on Exercise – Identify ETL testing Scope-Generate Reports, Test Cubes