AWS Cloud Migration Certification Training Course


This Amazon Web Services cloud relocation program will permit you to dominate the prescribed procedures and systems of AWS Cloud Migration preparing. You will essentially learn the majority of the relocation measures through continuous active activities. This cloud movement in AWS course is a finished bundle of hypothesis and pragmatic meetings where you can apply your learnings continuously practices right away.

You will be prepared on AWS cloud relocation basics, Migrating web applications, data sets, solid applications, AWS Compute and Storage, Cloud Watch, Auto Scaling, Load Balancing, AWS S3 Demo, and AWS EC2 Instance. You can investigate the practical capacities of the multitude of uses post-movement.

What will you learn from this AWS Cloud Migration certification training course?

In this AWS migration certification course, you’ll learn the following:

  • Introduction of AWS Services
  • Cloud Adoption Framework for AWS
  • 6R Migration Framework
  • Well Architecture Framework
  • Database Migration
  • Migrating web application
  • Application discovery
  • Server Migration
  • Migrating monolithic applications

Who should learn this course?

This course is suitable for IT professionals working on AWS Cloud Migration.

What are the prerequisites for taking up the AWS Cloud Migration certification courses?

There are no particular prerequisites for taking this Migrating to AWS training. However, basic knowledge of AWS will be beneficial. Basic understanding of all the concepts enclosed in this online course will be taught at the beginning of each module.

AWS Services

Overview of AWS Services, AWS Security Services, AWS Compute and Storage, Cloud Watch, Auto Scaling, Load Balancing, AWS S3 Demo, AWS EC2 Instance, and AWS IaaC

Migrating Strategy

Learning the Cloud Adoption Framework for AWS, knowing the 6R Migration Outline, and understanding the Well Architecture Framework

Migration of Database

Introduction to Database services and Database Migration, understanding the challenges involved in Database Migration, learning the tasks of AWS pre-migration and post-migration phase

Hands-on Exercise: Demonstration of a source Database migration which belongs to a non-AWS environment

Migration of Applications

Learning AWS services like Application discovery and Server Migration, Server Migration with and without Agent, migrating the on-premise Microsoft Hyper VM, and migrating the on-premise VMware VM

Hands-on Exercise: Demonstration and learning of migrating on-premise VMware VM to AWS

Migration of Monolithic Applications

Introduction to Docker, learn how docker is used for monolithic applications, introduction to Elastic Container Service (ECS), understand how ECS and docker work together, orchestrate docker containers

Hands-on Exercise: Demonstration and learning of migrating a monolithic application